The Man at the Airport (FREE)

Hey everyone!

Just a heads up: my first story ever called The Man at the Airport is #FREE right now and it includes a preview for part 2!! Grab it while you can!

It is also available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers until the 21st!

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Friday the 13th (oOoOoOo)

Hello everyone and Happy Friday the 13th!

It’s morning where I’m located so I’m sure you’re all still safe. No strange noises coming from the outside, or creepy glimpses of unknown creatures dashing across the room. The shadows around the room belong to you and the reflections in the mirror show no signs of anything out of the ordinary!

That is, until the sun sets.

Want to feel safe? Want to feel secure? YES?!

Of course, we all do!

But how? Hmm… I don’t know, it would take a lot to fill those shoes.

You would need someone big and strong who can protect you from all the paranormal activity that seems to happen around these peculiar fridays.

Wait, shoes, you say? Someone Big? You need someone to fill that position?

Ah! I know exactly the right person to get the job done.




He’s a bit shy and may seem a little scary at first, but he’s HUGE. He has a few gigantic limbs, most notably his feet. He’s also strong and I bet 100% that he’ll be able to keep you safe.

Just be warned, people have a tendency to fall for him.

So without further ado, I present: BIGGIE!



Meet him on Amazon right NOW! 

It’s HERE!!!!

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it’s finally here! Audition with a Billionaire: The Complete Collection has arrived.

Currently available on Amazon for only 99 cents. Yes, I’m giving you all four stories (which usually costs $9) for only 99 cents!

This special limited price is only available until Friday 6/13 so act now!

Still not sure? Here, I’ll hook you up with the first story for FREE and you can decide if you want the rest!

MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. (If you’re 12 1/2 years old, PLZ STAHHP)

New Voyeur Story Available NOW & Additional Story Added to Sale!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a marvelous week.

My new release, Master Locke, is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! This short and smutty story can cause heavy breathing, inability to refrain from touching oneself, and soiled underwear. Be wary, Mature Audiences ONLY.

Here’s a description of Master Locke:

Valerie finds pleasure spying on people without their knowledge. Sexually frustrated at a school where all the attractive guys seem to be taken, she encounters Nicolas Locke, a mysterious man with a hot body bathing in the coed showers. Unable to control herself, she watches him from behind the curtains only to be caught by Nicolas himself. 
With nowhere to run or hide, Valerie has no other option but to face Nicolas’ punishment. 


voyeur, bdsm, college, discipline, submission, spanking, dominance
Amazon x Barnes & Noble

I’ve also added the story What Once Was to the 99 cent sale (going on for a limited time only) so grab it while you still can!

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Voyeur Story On The Way

Hello! I’m currently finishing up a voyeur story.


It’s been so fun to write so far and I had no idea I would enjoy it this much. It feels strange getting into the head of someone who enjoys this stuff, but I can see the appeal of it.

Here’s a little snippet (first draft, excuse any grammar mistakes/typos):

I walked into the area with the shower stalls, each one separated by a wall with white curtains that had an inch of open space. It would be easy to sneak a peak if someone really wanted to.
Unfortunately, it seemed empty today. I walked a little further and passed the center stall, hoping to get a small workout in before showering. Choosing a stall on the opposite side of the room also meant that I’d increase my chances of possibly running into a naked guy. Wishful thinking.
When I got to my chosen stall, I placed my shower caddy against the marble floor and began to pull my pajamas down.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” I said to myself when I realized I still had on my shoes. I forgot my shower slippers in the room. I know it was just 20 feet away but that’s, like, 40 steps total and then another 20 just to get back.
Just my luck.
I pushed my curtain to the side and saw a man with an athletic figure wrapped tightly in a black towel. He had his back towards me with a shower bin in one hand while he used his other hand to move the curtains.
They were all the same, I don’t understand why he was looking into different stalls.
Who was that? I don’t think I’ve seen him here before. His dark brown hair and muscular back glistened against the fluorescent lights shining from the ceiling.
The way his towel hugged his behind made it clear that this guy was probably an athlete or someone who took exceptionally good care of their body.
Did he live here?


Big.. WHAT?! (New Release)

Hello everyone!

I’ve been working nonstop to get more titles out for all of you!

My latest story is a lot different from my other books because the star is none other than (drumroll) BIGFOOT!

This story fits more with the humorous side of erotica so if you want a great laugh to go along with your sexy time, this story will be perfect for you!

“So… you know how they call you Bigfoot?”
He snarled for a second before nodding.
“Does that also mean you have a big di—“


It’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Enjoy =]

Upcoming Titles and Cover Preview


I can’t believe it’s April already, time really does fly.

I’ve been working nonstop to get more titles out and if all things go as planned, I’ll be releasing one this week!

I have over ten titles outlined and ready to be written so expect a lot of material from me soon!

My latest story is a little different from my other titles because it focuses more on the emotional connection between two lovers. I’m still working out a few kinks here and there but I really think you will enjoy this one!

Here’s a small preview of the book cover:

trace dex preview


Hope you have a great week!